NKL Contactlenzen is a manufacturer of hard and soft contact lenses. As a subsidiary to Menicon, NKL is a global leader in developing lens materials, lens designs, and contact lens fluids.

Customer-specific lenses can only be supplied via the optician, if they are carefully packed. After the lens has passed the final inspections, it is placed in a lens holder in a newly developed product tray. The product tray with the lens is placed in the packing machine by a pick & place unit. The packing machine is equipped with a revolving table with ten positions, at each of which the lens or lens holder is worked or inspected.

After the product tray has been identified by means of bar-code scanning, one of two fluids is carefully (± 0.02ml) dosed. Next, a camera detects whether the lens is present and whether fluid has been dosed.

Then, the holder is sealed with aluminium foil and tested for leaks. At the next few steps, the lid is closed, and a 2D matrix code is printed in UV ink, so that the lens can be identified in the further production process.

In close cooperation with NKL, an advanced and reliable machine has been developed and delivered. With the machine NKL can amply meet the quality requirements and hygiene regulations of its purchasers.